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    1¡¢Desulfurization to mention salt solution

    During the wet FGD process, due to the use of ammonia in the coke oven gas as the alkali source to desulfurization, without external alkali, the FGD process developed rapidly. At present, HPF process is widely used all over the country.
    During the FGD, the hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide in the coke oven gas being deprivation, which will inevitable occur side reaction to create salt as NH4CNS¡¢£¨NH4£©2S2O¡¢£¨NH4£©2SO4 , and when such salt reach a certain concentration will effect the processing, even cause the blockage of the desulfurization tower. The dispose of the desulfurization waster water has become hot in this business, but there is still no better solution in treating this waste water economically and enviromentally. Most coke plants blend the waste water with coal, which is corrosive. Actually the S remains in the system with coal, gas, and will heavier the desulfurization set¡¯s burden. The repalcing desulfurizion water will cause salt much easier and decreasing the desulfurization rate.
    Our company did a extensive research and survey on the waste water since 2007, and built the Desulfuerization waster processing system. And after producing practise, we made a sustantial progress on extraction of high-purity salt technology from waste water. We made the waster water useful. And the economy, enviromental, sociality of the extraction from salt have been fully reflected.
    We are able to provide the mature salt extraction technology now, and you are welcome to contact us in need.
    Contact:Tel: 86-511-88977018
    Unit: Sinochem Zhenjiang

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